Welcome to our LA Passive House!

A bit of history…

In 2009, when the housing market in the US took a plunge, we decided, like many hopefuls, to buy an old house in Los Angeles, with the dream of turning it into our dream home.

The market at that time was very hot, and many people with cash, would come and snatch all houses with good potential, as soon as they would appear on the market.Many would offer a substantial amount above asking price. For that reason, it took us two years, many tears and many disappointments, before we were finally able to find a house that no one outbid us on.It was not the dream lot, since it was on a busier street, without an alley, and a smaller lot; but it was all we can afford and our only chance to live in a decent neighborhood.

Throughout the years Marco, came across the concept of a passive house from a renowned architect in Canada.He kept reading and learning about the concept and the more he read, the more he came convinced that this was the route we will take.Fast forward, we are in 2020 and decided to embark on a journey to build our dream house and will be documenting our experience as we are anticipating lots of ups and downs, and hope to share with you insights about building a passive house.

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