Ciao! Meet Marco and Rana.

A due short introduction: Reading a little of our background will shed light on the understanding of our vision, goals and objectives for this challenging, exciting and ambitious project.

Marco is an Aerospace and Mechanical Engineer working at The Aerospace Corporation. Over his professional career, Marco has worked on a variety of Space and Defense programs, starting with the Space Shuttle after graduate school at UCLA, and later worked on NASA X37, Delta, Atlas and SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets, JPL Mars landers (Curiosity and Perseverance spacecrafts) programs to name a few. His expertise spans multi-body & structural dynamics and structural analysis. He currently supports the Missile Defense Agency. After acquiring hands on experience and knowledge during the major multi-year remodel of the family’s first home (shh! ….still going to some extent!), Marco’s engineering and scientific background soon convinced him that the current building energy standards, air quality and comfort of living are unsatisfactory, especially when considering the overall cost involved in construction. It has been his dream to incorporate his knowledge and experiences, of course together with the many subject matter experts he identify, to design and build his family future home.

Rana is the founder, creator and owner of Eid Creations, a party supply company based in Los Angeles. She loves designing anything from table setting to exterior and interior homes; Rana is looking forward into incorporating her creative and artistic mind into the house plans.

We are building a Passive House (PH) in Los Angeles. To add to the complexity, we are planning on incorporating many of the ideas and materials used for the commercial buildings, as we found them to be of better quality, longer lasting, with added design flexibility and improved overall performance. This blog is for building enthusiasts, who love modern architecture, innovative green building ideas, and DIY projects and for those who want to learn more about what the workings of a Passive House entail, how they differ from other constructions and, of course, the benefits of living in one.

We plan to take you on our journey to making our dream house.

We welcome any collaboration and sponsorship in our project. If you are interested, please reach out to us in the contact page.